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What's Tripp?

Tripp gives you the freedom and flexibility to design your ideal getaway.

From the iconic restaurants in Dubai to the art scene in Abu Dhabi and the historic treasures of Al Ula, there are endless possibilities for your next adventure.

Whether planning a city break, a week-long holiday or a milestone-led gap year journey, the process can be complex, involving hours of research, with so many variables to consider.

That's where Tripp comes in. We're your community-based trip planner and rewards app, here to make the planning experience more enjoyable, stress-free and rewarding.

With a community of travelers at your fingertips, you can read expert tips on where to go and what to do.

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How it works

Tripp is designed for the adventurers, travelers, and people looking for authentic experiences.

Find hidden gems

Uncover the best-kept secrets,  and discover tips from locals who are 'in the know'.


Share trips

Share bucket lists of your favorite places to help others plan their upcoming adventures.

Collect points

Each time you add a review or provide an insightful tip, you collect points and contribute to our traveling community.

Redeem rewards

Use your Tripp card to redeem rewards, opening doors to more destinations and activities!

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Retaining customers and standing out among the crowd is difficult at the best of times, but in today's packed, noisy market, it can feel impossible. Tripp is here to change that. We offer a platform for businesses to be themselves, share their story to our engaged community of travelers and drive footfall.


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Join the circle. We know word of mouth is crucial for every business. People love visiting places their friends recommend. By joining Tripp, you can be a part of a platform where you regularly attract the right customers.
Reward your loyal customers
No more punch cards or pushy 'recommend a friend' schemes. Get access to a refreshingly simple reward system that encourages your loyal customers to come back and spread the word about your business.
Reach customers at the right moment
No matter how you plan to advertise your business, timing is everything. With Tripp, you can reach your ideal customers at the right moment, spark their interest, achieve greater reach and embrace customer loyalty.

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Be the first to join the Tripp community and start offering rewards from day one. By encouraging your loyal customers to interact regularly and share their authentic experiences, together we can create a more cost effective way to attract and retain customers.